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ExxonMobil Exact™ Plastomers

Producer: ExxonMobil
Polymer type POE

Exact™ plastomers are ethylene alpha olefin copolymers that bridge the gap between elastomers and plastics with rubber-like properties and the processability of plastics.

General info

Exact™ plastomers are used in many different applications and in flexible packaging as it offers:

  • Superior toughness
  • Low seal-initiation temperature
  • Excellent hot-tack properties
  • Excellent organoleptics
  • Down-gauging potential

Exact™ plastomers are also an excellent choice for injection moulding of soft and flexible products offering good optical properties or can be used in polymer blends to improve impact resistance.

Typical applications for ExxonMobil Exact™ plastomers:

  • Flexible packaging (film)
  • O-rings
  • Impact modifier
  • Wire and Cable applications
  • Shoe midsoles


ExxonMobil Exact™ Plastomers Overview
GradeDensity (g/cm3)MFI (g/10 min)Hardness Sh AHardness Sh D
Exact™ 02010.91.142
Exact™ 82010.881.18529
Exact™ 02030.9341
Exact™ 82030.88341
Exact™ 02100.91037
Exact™ 82100.88108523
Exact™ 10190.9119
Exact™ 02300.93034
Exact™ 82300.88308322


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