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ExxonMobil PP

Producer: ExxonMobil
Polymer type PP compounds

ExxonMobil offers a high quality easy-to-process portfolio of PP homopolymer and impact copolymer suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming.

General info

The ExxonMobil PP homopolymer range goes from MFI 7.5 up to 60 g/10 min, while the PP impact copolymer range goes from MFI 1.0 up to 85 g/10 min.

ExxonMobil PP resins in Europe are produced in Lillebonne, France.

ExxonMobil PP offers:

  • Low density
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy processing
  • Good hinge properties
  • High gloss
  • Good price/performance balance

Typical applications for ExxonMobil PP

Food packaging, caps and closures, consumer goods, toys, pails, crates, boxes, pipes, sheets and profiles.


ExxonMobil PP Grade Overview
GradeTypeMFI [g/10 min] (230°C/2.16 kg)
ExxonMobil PP1044L1homopolymer17
ExxonMobil PP 1055E2homopolymer53
ExxonMobil PP 1063L1homopolymer8
ExxonMobil PP1064L1homopolymer16
ExxonMobil PP1364E2homopolymer12
ExxonMobil PP7011L1copolymer1
ExxonMobil PP7031E2copolymer1
ExxonMobil PP7033L1copolymer5
ExxonMobil PP7043L1copolymer8
ExxonMobil PP7054L1copolymer17
ExxonMobil PP7064L1copolymer16
ExxonMobil PP7075L1copolymer54
ExxonMobil PP7085E1copolymer75
ExxonMobil PP8013L1copolymer8

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