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ExxonMobil Iotek™

Producer: ExxonMobil
Polymer type Ionomers

Iotek™ from ExxonMobil is a range of EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acid) ionically cross-linked copolymers.

ExxonMobil Iotek™ offers:

  • Higher melt strength, thermoformability, toughness and sealability to films.
  • High stiffness and flex-life make them the material of choice for long-lasting applications.
  • Improved scratch, scuff and abrasion resistance compared to many other polymers.
  • Good tensile impact even at low temperature.
  • Good adhesion to polar substances such as metals, polyamides and polyesters.

Typical applications for ExxonMobil Iotek™

Flooring, golf balls, bottle caps, shoe reinforcements, automotive fascia, bowling pin covers, shrink film, deep freezer packaging,

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